Virtual Human Body

Android tablet and smartphone app for medical students

Human body visualized

Virtual Human Body brings layered human systems to tablets and smartphones via an easy to read interactive app. The app data was already available on the web app but had to be ported to the app, which posed a technical challenge.

How we made it

10 general views – Body morphology, Skeleton, Muscles, Nervous system, Lymphatic system, Cardiovascular system, Respiratory apparatus, Digestive apparatus, Urinary apparatus and Reproductive apparatus and 11 detailed views provide a holistic view of the human body. Thousands of Bézier curves encompass areas in each system and describe the selected part of the human body with great detail.

One of the key features of Virtual Human Body is the ability to look at two separate systems at the same time using the overlay window. This way, students can better understand the interconnected nature of the human body systems


The app utilizes Samsung’s S-pen functionality to highlight areas in the selected system. Using precise taps with the S-pen  gives the user unparalleled control over the app even in tight neighboring areas, like veins or teeth.

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