iPhone app for wrapping professionals and enthusiasts

A world of colours

The team at Promotive came to us with the idea of an iPhone app that would change the company sells and distributes their products – color swatches, swatch books and sample kits of print materials. The existing customer base looked promising – producers like 3M, Orafol and Avery Dennison were already Promotive’s customers so deploying a digital version of the physical swatches was a creative challenge and a great opportunity for us.

Colour Precision

One of the goals of Coloreal is to display colors as precisely as possible. Digital color displaying is magic science in its own right and we knew we had to get two things right :

converting physical material color to #hex digital color and

displaying the digital color right depending on the screen.

We used a Barbieri spectrophotometer to batch convert physical material colors to arrays of digital colors where applicable. To display the converted colors precisely, we had to dig deep into the iPhone device family and create a series of ICC profiles for each generation and each revision.

3D effects using motion sensors

The most interesting challenge of this project came from inside our team – we realised that we could emulate materials like carbon, metallic– or printed relief materials. We did this using built in motion sensors and some magic dust.